Committed to change the fate of neurodegenerative diseases

Committed to change the fate of neurodegenerative diseases


Our goal is to stop the progression of serious neurodegenerative diseases with innovative therapeutic solutions.


Our mission is the development of medicinal products to prevent, slow-down or even suppress the progression of neurodegenerative disease.


Our vision is contributing to a society where degenerative disease associated to aging will be controlled expanding the quality of life of elderly population and their relatives.

“When the steroid sulfatase gene is deleted in worms, the ability to remove sulfate from sulfated steroids is lost and the level of this molecule increases. This generates some surprising effects: nematodes with Alzheimer’s features reduce their symptoms and those without Alzheimer’s are long-lived”

Prof. Manuel Muñoz

Based on this promising initial observation, a steroid sulfatase inhibitor was administered in C. elegans and our mammal model (old mice and APP-PS1 strain), showing an improvement in lifespan and memory.


Universidad Pablo de Olavide